Portable Room Kleen (PRK)

The patented technology of the PortableRoomKleen 300 with selectable ozone option is a portable High Intensity UVC sanitizing fixture designed to sterilize surfaces and areas that traditional UVC light cannot (e.g. shadowed areas).

Key Features

Portable Room Kleen
Portable Room Kleen For Office

Technical Specifications


Individual rooms in hospitals, restaurants, shopping centers, office spaces, buses, trains, restaurants, schools etc


UV, Ozone, UV + Ozone: Individually controlled UV and ozone generation

Safety Features

  • Motion sensor :  Deactivates the unit in the event of accidental entry
  • Run timer :   Automatic shutdown of the unit after the programmed time complete
  • Ozone sensor :  Deactivates the unit in the event of excessive Ozone

Size and Dimensions

12”x12”x35”, 19lb: easy to carry with handle and caster wheels


Lamps and Ballasts : 5 years
Other components : 1 year