Key Features
Tested in the labYes at Wash U Medical School, USANo, Product never tested. Documentation relies on the fact that UV kills pathogens and the product is UV.
Tested on coronavirusYes, with a kill rate of 99.99%No
FDA registrationsYesNo
Time Taken to sterilize5 mins for a 12x12x10ft room15-30 mins for a 12x12x10ft room
RangeUV-C and OzoneUV-C (254 nm) only
Power QualityEquipped with Waveform Correction devices-
SterilizationYes Yes
Degradation10% in 5 years3% in 2 years
ApprovalsCE, RoHs, ETL and ULPossible CE only
Longevity100,000 working hours10-30,000 working hours
Virus Easy to kill in less than a secondEasy to kill in seconds
Surface BacteriaKill in 3-5 min, depending on the room sizeKill in 20-30min depending on the room size
Spores, mold, AlgaeEasy to achieve at 100mJ/cm2 in less than few minsDifficult to reach 100mJ/cm2 that can kill spores and other hard-to-kill pathogens 
Intensity/Irradiation1.345mW/cm2 @ 1 mt + Ozone0.76-0.9mW/cm2 @ 1mt
OzoneYes, controlled and monitoredNo
Safety featuresDoor Contact, Ozone and motion Sensor, timer controlTimer control
Custom SolutionsYes, with in-house R&DNo, as they are suppliers
Side EffectsNoneDecay of polymers @ 10% every year
Capital investmentLess number of units with better kill rate and faster times to disinfectant a facilityMore number of units and personnel needed to disinfectant a facility due to its slow operation
CostComparableFluctuating, depending on the suppliers
Years in the Industry12 yearsStarted during Covid-19
Product StrategyDesigned and Made in the USAMade in China, or Supplied from China