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Tested, proven to kill 99.99% on virus and bacteria

UV-KLEEN is tested by Washington University School of Medicine for its germicidal efficacy. 

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We have been in the business since 1998

EPL manufactures state of the art electronics for lighting solutions. ​We proudly manufacture our products in Salt Lake City, USA.

EPL is an aggressive research and development manufacturer in the field of power quality and lighting solutions. EP’s ground breaking work in the field of power electronics led to the development of sophisticated lighting ballasts and controls for its product line.

We started as an R&D company; therefore, we value research, innovation and design of the product to meet customer specific requirements.

We have highly qualified and experienced engineers designing world class electronics for the market. The team is assisted by world renowned physicians and professors from US medical schools to assist in product development. We have sales and marketing teams all across the US., as well as other Asian countries.